Finding Emo

by Ginkins

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"finding emo" is a concept EP about the rise and fall of a scenester.


released January 11, 2005

Recorded December 2004 @ Uneven Studio



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Goodbye Timebomb Denver

David McGhee is both Autistic and gay. So talking smack about him is basically a hate crime.
When not bust'n caps and eating grass fed beef, he writes songs. Now he is in The Vanilla Milkshakes.
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Track Name: Pay Day
I just got paid today
Gonna go and throw all my cares away
Gonna go and spend my check
The last one that I know I'll ever get

And I know that what I have is all I'll get

You always think you're always right
Always insinuating fights
Even though you know it's all true

I just got laid today
Gonna go and throw my life
Gonna go and waste my check
Because it's the one I know I'll never get
Track Name: Java
I asked my mom if I could see the show
She slapped me in the face and she said no
So I called my girl and I went to my room
Locked the door for a long hard screw

I said
Tie my up and ship me off to space
Get me high and forget about the mace
Make my bed and I'll sleep with you too
It's alright 'cause I'm normal like you

We snuck out and we saw the show
Lynched the guard so we got first row
Moshed till we dropped in fits of rage
Woke up next didn't know her age

I was a boy and I never got saved

We drove around in my beat up car
Went to the club to pick up girls
We had dinner with roofied drinks
Went to my room, she went with me
Track Name: You're Not Cool
If you ever wanna be my friend
I'm a reject
Standing in the pit next to all the social zits
I'm a reject
I'm a defect

And that's what I like about you

You're not cool, you're not cool
You're not cool, you're not cool
You're not cool and I don't think there's anything hip about you
You're not cool, you're not cool

Moshing on my head
I'm ahead, I'm a head
I'm a reject
I wanna be my friend
But I wanna be a friend
I'm a reject
I'm a defect

Happy, I'm happy
But I'm happy and unhappy
I'm a reject
Please that I'm flat
And I'm flat and I'm fat
I'm a reject
I'm a defect

Josh says you're cool
And I'll take his word for it
Track Name: Brag About Sex
She came to me
When I could barely sleep
Opened up my eyes
It was a big surprise to me
That was what I said
That was when she gave me head
It was the best sex I never had

Bragging, I'm bragging
Brag about sex
And I know that it's the best I know I'll never have

Hanging at the dive
Spewing out all more lies
I got hipster hair
Wearing stupid designer wear
Make me feel like one
When we have no fun
It was the best sex I never had

I know what I know I mean
I'll tell you what I know
Track Name: Save Me
Every time I look around
I always see the same old thing and I’ll tell you
The same thing that I thought I saw before
Every time that I try to change
I always mess it up all the time
Maybe I should stop trying at all

Maybe I’m already dead inside
Maybe I’m the one who starts the fights
And when I look down hard inside
It comes back up and gets me high
Maybe I’m already dead inside

Every time that I look at me
I always see my imperfect flaws and I’ll tell you
Maybe that’s why they hate me so
Every time I spend the night
I always sleep on your warm couch
Where I cry myself to catatonic tears

All around everyone is smiling
Wish I was smiling, wish I could be happy too
All my friends they seem so hallow
And I’m shallow, I wanna feel nothing too
Maybe I could blow my brains out
Before I shout out, if that’s what you want me to
I wish I could contain my sorrow
Live till tomorrow
Before I do something bad
Track Name: Excuse Me?
I don't mind if you don't mind
I don't care if you don't care
I don't mind, I don't have a mind
I don't care, no one cares

I'm horny
And I'm weak
I'm flacid
And I can't speak

If you were my friend
You'd beat me up again
Track Name: Idiot Colorado
I was never a part of your scene
What ever you did it preceded me
I remember being up front
Being drunk
Having fun
And singing along to all of your songs
I was never a part of your scene

Displace, feeling displaced
Running around
My headache is lasting too long
Stomach hurts
Burning food
Everything is the same old song

Now I know the trick
How to get into your clique
When I was paying the door
I was your paying whore

Buy a toy
Break my back
I never wanna find my way back
Get a shirt
Drinking in the van
You never wanted me as a fan

Why do I always fuck up the room
When I think I've come in too soon
Run away and eat Chinese
Stomach explodes
Find my way home
This is why I'm always alone
When will I never learn