This May Break Your Heart​.​.​.

by Goodbye Timebomb

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This is David really stretching out of his boundaries and doing something a little more personal by utilizing mostly his voice and primary guitar playing skills. All the songs come from a point in his life where things weren't always on the up and up. David suffers from depression daily and this is a great outlet to share his side of things with other people. We hope you enjoy this album as it is being put up completely free of charge for your enjoyment.
See you at the next show!

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Brian Feutchinger for Uneven Studios.
Co Produced by Michael King


released April 27, 2010

David McGhee - Vocals, Guitars, Bass



all rights reserved


Goodbye Timebomb Denver

David McGhee is both Autistic and gay. So talking smack about him is basically a hate crime.
When not bust'n caps and eating grass fed beef, he writes songs. Now he is in The Vanilla Milkshakes.
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Track Name: I Kinda Always Knew I'd End Up Your Ex Best Friend
I'm a hypochondriac
And I've got a bad back
Tried to talk to you and you turned me away

And I'm not over you
I'm not over you
I'm not over you

And I am the one who started up the fight
Over how I'm wrong and you're always right
I tried to talk to you but you turned me away

I'm a hypochondriac
And I'm always really sad
Tried to talk to you but you turned me away

Things will never
Ever get better
So why should I even try?
Track Name: I'm No Prize Myself
Late night, drinking at the Hi Dive
Fell down again
Late night, drinking at Sputniks
Fell down and never got back up

I want to apologize to my friend
I threw up in your car
I swear I'm not that person anymore

And I swear
I only think about myself
About me and no one else

Late night, drinking at the Lions Lair
Fell down again
Late night, drinking at the Larimer Lounge
Fell down and never got back up

I know, sitting in your room
Got nothing to do...
Track Name: Dance! Robot! Dance!
I've got a friend of mine
Who just committed suicide
And if I was a friend would I
Have been there?

Will you still miss me when I'm gone?
Will you still love me when this song is done?

That is so typical of me to chicken out
That is so typical of me...

And when I'm dead and gone I hope you find a way
And when I'm dead and gone I know you've found a way
To keep me down
And bring me out to sea
Where I'm too far gone
And all my friends are putting concrete blocks on my feet...
Track Name: Misery Loves Company (But Company Has A Thing For Miserable)
I'm always having a bad day

It's always gonna rain
It does it every day
Track Name: Tall Boy, Ska Boy
This one goes out to my best friend
King of the open road
Throws popcorn in my face
And laughs at me at it just scolds me

I expected another fight
Instead we went and got food
And thousand knives are in my stomach
Was I the only one who thought that was rude?

This one goes out to my best friend
I know what you're going through
Sometimes you just gotta laugh at things
Especially when everything is wrong

Pick it up, pick it up
Track Name: Kreep
I, stand beside my bed
And wonder what you said
And if it all was true
Asking you, why I
I have make believe
You have apathy
I hope you die alone
Asking you, why I

When I said stop you said no
When I said don't you would just go
And if you knew I was true
I was only a friend to you
Please don't tell me to behave
Won't leave flowers on your grave
Know I know you were true
And I was only a creep to you
Track Name: This May Break Your Heart
I met you on the internet last week
We talked a while or so
You brought me out and made me try hummus
It was the best date I ever had

I thought I had found a friend who'd
Save my soul
It's not supposed to end this way

I met another guy on the internet
It turned out to be a one night stand
It made me learn much about my freedom
I miss him more now than ever

Don't break my heart...
Track Name: Rat Pact Race
Truth, lay me down to sleep
Truth, lay me down to scream
Truth, I'm sorry is never enough
Truth, who ever said life would be this tough

It's a rat pact race
To see who can get to first place
Just like the time I was raped
They did it to see the pain on my face

Kid give this six months and it will change

I know that sorry is not enough
To undo the things I did
It's not supposed to end this way
Track Name: Waffles
There's something cold and blank
About the way we wallow
Everywhere I seem to go
My dead cat would follow

And you were from another world
And I would know, I'm inane
Things would follow
And you were too far gone
To call me insane

We were once both
Connected hosts and we know
Well I don't know...

There's something cold and dark
About the way we swallow
Everywhere we seem to go
My dead friend would follow

Take my hand and now we're overjoyed
Somewhere, I've found a brand new toy
Take my hand and now we're going away
Somewhere, I don't know, a brand new toy?

I have lots of knots in my stomach again
Track Name: What I Like Doing With My Time
I <3 giving blowjobs!