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This is a collection of demo recordings from two different sessions.

The Seattle demo (tracks 1-3) was recorded in, I think, the Spring of 2004 at a house by city park with a guy named John, who was a sound guy at Larimer Lounge. We didn't have a drummer at the time, so he learned and played drums for the three songs we tracked that day, and he also played bass on "Ode to Fatguy."
The tunings are in half step.

the Uneven demo was recorded and mixed in one evening in October of 2004 with Bryan Feuchtinger at Uneven Studio.


released December 31, 2004

Seattle demo: tracks 1, 2, and 3
David - vocals, guitar
Mike - bass, vocals
John (the engineer)- drums, bass

Uneven demo: tracks 4, 5, 6, and 7
David - vocals, guitar
Mike - bass, vocals
John (official ginkins drummer) - drums



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Goodbye Timebomb Denver

David McGhee is both Autistic and gay. So talking smack about him is basically a hate crime.
When not bust'n caps and eating grass fed beef, he writes songs. Now he is in The Vanilla Milkshakes.
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Track Name: Seattle
We grew up, we drank our milk
And we thought of brighter days
But the sun came out, and we graduated
But those days they never came

I wanna go where I know
There is all apathy
I wanna go where I can know
I can get a good cup of coffee

And I'll, move to the cloudy scene
Between the mountains and sea, yeah
I'm moving to Seattle
Where, they say punk rock is dead
And progressive is there instead
I'm moving to Seattle

The home of Starbucks but no one cares
Bill Gates is the reigning geek
It's cold and pretty and the forecast says
It's gonna rain for the next six weeks
It's got Aberdeen and the internet
Independent theater by the bay
It used to be hip but now it's business
Since the grunge has been wiped away

Drugs, over dose, coffee

I'm moving to Seattle
I'm gonna go to Seattle
I'm gonna move to Seattle
I wanna go to Seattle
Where I'll die
Track Name: Rich Kid
I remember when
She made fun of me
Daddy's little whore
And mommy was ashamed
All he is, is full of hate
Playing in a band
I hate the kid across the street
And trailers bring in trash

I wanna share my poison with you
And I really don't care what you do
So when's said and done don't tell me to behave
I wont take advice from a slave

He's got a fancy care
Working at a coffee shop
Nothing but designer brands
What the hell's a job?
All she is, is full of hate
Fucking with the band
Nothing but designer brands
What the hell's a job?

(Bring me, an espresso)
Track Name: Ode to Fatguy
I wanna kill a white hooker
I wanna kill a black hooker
I wanna kill an asian hooker
I wanna kill a midget hooker

All they do is waste my time
And I don't know what to do...

I could slit my wrists, vertically for you
Watch me bleed all over
Just for you
Track Name: Camel Dance (Soup)
He sits in class like a bafoon
No one liked him he was a goon
They called him soup
His face, it looked like an ass
All the girls would stare and laugh
And call him soup
They called him who?

No one ever knew his name
He'd sit around and shout his name
No one wanted to know his name
They called him soup

He came to class with a semi automatic
And told his mates that he's had it
They called him soup
He got them all on down their knees
And they begged and begged and begged him please
Not to shoot
Don't soup!
Track Name: The Runs
Hey little brother where has mommy gone
She's gone somewhere far from home
Hey bigger brother where has daddy went
He's gone on the road for the money she spends

Mommy was a drunk, daddy was a whore
Then the condom broke
That was why I was born
Then she drank away, and left me in a tree
Now I'm all alone
Somebody feed me
Track Name: Superfantastic
I got two hits
Baking outside with my fake friends
Staring inside hearing the bends
Going to sleep was our defense

Come inside and cook for an hour
Letting the sun soak into my head
Bake for a day and let it stand
Then feed me to my friends

Bleh bleh
Playing our games with no music
Ear plugs cut off the high end
Maybe one day we can begin

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Don't rock the boat
Don't tip the boat over
Don't rock the boat baby
Don't tip the boat honestly
Don't rock the boat
Track Name: Melatonin Tea
I am the kind of guy
Who'd sit around all night
And binge out on fries
Until the day I die

I, I have no life
I'll sit down with my strife
I should get a job
Like the one I've got...

I'm the kind of guy
Who would sit and make all my plants die
I'm just asleep
Crush up pills I'll make melatonin tea

I am the kind of guy
Who'd sit around all night
And choke to death on fries
And that is how I died